Wet Ingredients

Fruit juices and purees are natural sugar extractions from pressed pulp and skin of fruit. The resulting material can be NFC (not from concentrate) juice or, SS (single strength) puree.

Concentrates are made by evaporating NFC/SS raw material under vacuum to a specified brix level; 2 to 7 times the original brix value of the ripe fruit.

Concentration allows for reduced handling and economical storage and transport. NFC juice and juice concentrates are available in clarified and cloudy formats.

Dry Ingredients

Fruits and vegetables are dried and offered in whole, diced, paste, piece or powdered formats.

Drying options include:

  • Air dried, drum dried or spray dried powders
  • Heat tunnel Evaporated slices and Dices
  • Freeze dried
  • Vacuum dried
  • Sweetened Infused whole and sliced